Backstage and VIP Festival Bar Hire


Year on year, hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts flock to a range of festivals throughout the UK with the hope of having a great time with friends whilst enjoying the entertainment on offer – whether it be music, books, beer or art. One of the most popular types of festival to be put on in the UK are the huge array of music festivals – both large and small. Keeping your customers happy is the main objective of hosting such an event and one sure fire way to keep them with a smile on their face is by ensuring the acts they are paying to see are happy, refreshed and ready to perform! Festival Bar Hire have been providing bars for over a decade to festivals throughout the country in the form of backstage and VIP bars for performers and the lucky few who get backstage passes.

Your backstage/VIP bar counters will be taken care of from beginning to end by Festival Bar Hire to ensure the minimum of worry and hassle on your end knowing your bar is in the hands of an award winning portable bar counter provider. Festival Bar Hire have a range of backstage and VIP bar styles which will catch the eye of those performing including:

– LED cocktail bar hire
– Circular cocktail bar hire
– Branded bar hire
– Ice bar hire

If you wish to stay away from dry hire and wish Festival Bar Hire to both fully staff and fully stock your backstage/VIP bar hire, then our cash/free bar hire services are perfect for you. With a stunning range of premium beverages including draught beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and bespoke cocktails, your performers and VIP ticket holders will be kept with a drink in hand and with a smile on their face.
When it comes to serving your guests drinks, Festival Bar Hire’s bartenders are second to none with cocktail mixologists and flairers also available to serve classics such as Mojitos, Cosmopolitans and Margaritas.

For more information on Backstage and VIP Bar Hire, contact Festival Bar Hire today.