Beer Festival Bar Hire


Beer festivals are held throughout the UK each year and play host to a range and variety of different beers from breweries around the world. Many believe beer festivals to be grand events with hundreds, however, smaller scale, local beer festivals have gained momentum in recent years and have hit the ground running with beer enthusiasts flocking to try great tasting local brews. Although many beverages at beer festivals are real ale, more and more craft beer breweries are looking to showcase their products.

Festival Bar Hire have provided bar counters and racking systems for over a decade to local and national beer festivals and know a thing or two about giving festival attendees the best experience they could hope for. Beer Festival Bar Hire is one of our growing services with more organisers and breweries coming to Festival Bar Hire

for a service which is second to none in terms of quality, knowledge and price.

Many different bar counter types are available for your beer festival including our basic black bars which are ideal when a smart, neat finish and long counters are needed. All of our Beer Festival Bar Counters can be branded with the festivals logo or the logos of each individual brewery which is participating at the event. Included within our Beer Festival Bar Hire package are the options for providing draught craft beer taps as well as racking equipment for the serving of real ale to the festival goers.

We have provided our services to both large and small scale beer festivals alike and have the knowhow to provide a service tailored to you and your beer festival. Festival Bar Hire can provide you with a dry hire service in which you can staff the bar yourself to ensure your potential customers can gain all of the information they need from a staff member working for the brewery themselves. Alternatively, our bar staff hire is an option which is available for beer festivals as our bartenders provide your guests with the perfect pour.

For more information on what is included in Beer Festival Bar Hire, simply contact a member of Festival Bar Hire today.