Beer Festival Equipment Hire


Beer festivals stretch back decades with groups such as CAMRA pushing the events forward with small, medium and large scale festivals across the UK. Many of these types of beer festival take inspiration from one of the world’s largest gathering of beer enthusiast – Oktoberfest; which has more than 6 million attendees each year. The event, which showcases Bavarian beers, has also helped the popularity of British beer festivals. Most beer festivals in the UK serve a range of real ale and craft beer but often have some bottled lagers, wines and ciders. Festival Bar Hire are the first stop shop when it comes to providing beer festival equipment to London, the Home Counties and the rest of the UK. It is essential that your festival equipment is of a high standard to ensure the best possible experience for your beer festival guests.

Festival Bar Hire have a range of beer festival equipment available for hire including:

– Real ale stillage/racking

– Craft beer dispensing equipment including tap, gas, cooler, lines and coupler

– Real ale taps

– Traditional hand pumps for real ale

– Bar counters

There are several reasons for using each type of beer festival equipment listed above but the main plus with Festival Bar Hire is that our friendly staff will help you decide which is best suited for your individual event. For larger events, we here at Festival Bar Hire usually recommend our real ale stillage/racking systems which are perfect for ensuring a large array of beers are available for your enthusiastic beers tasters to try. Alternatively, for smaller scale events, many organisers lean towards using traditional hand pumps for a sophisticated look but still having enough space for their reduced number of beers.

Festival Bar Hire can also provide your beer festival with our bar equipment including basic bars, branded bars and back bars. Not only will your bar give your event a better image, the practicality of serving from a bar ensures for a quicker process and happier customers. When it comes to serving your craft beer, your guests will want a crisp, refreshing IPA, pale ale, lager etc. and nothing provides a better taste than our dispensing set up.

For more information on the beer festival equipment available from Festival Bar Hire, please contact a member of our bookings team.