Cashless Festivals


There’s nothing worse at a festival than going up to the bar to order some drinks and finding out your purse or wallet has been stolen. This issue has been resolved at many festivals around the UK such as Download festival, Mint Festival, Festibelly and many more. How have they resolved this? Simply by guests paying for tokens or they are given a wristband which they can load up with credit and then use them to buy drinks, foods or merchandise.

For example, if you went to a bar you could trade one token for one pint of beer. This is a much quicker way to serve customers, due to people not having to spend time finding the correct money, or counting change.  At Festival Bar Hire we can further improve the quality of service with some of the industry’s finest bar staff, a fully stocked bar including beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and also dispensing and cooling equipment.

Not only do cashless festivals have much shorter queue times due to faster sales, they are also a great way to budget yourself from overspending. If you don’t want to end up with a sore bank account, simply purchase the amount of tokens equivalent to your budget, and then you won’t be able to over spend!

Cashless Festivals also have improved festival-goers safety. There are less thefts due to no cash being accepted, and tokens and wristbands are a lot harder to lose or steal, in comparison to a purse or wallet. By festivals being more secure, it allows guests to be more carefree and enjoy the atmosphere and attractions, rather than focusing on their important possessions.

For more information on hiring a bar for your cashless festival, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.