Festival Bar Hire Kent


There are many festivals that occur within the county of Kent including the Hop Farm Music Festival, Broadstairs Folk Week, Deal Festival, Canterbury Festival, Maidstone Fringe Festival, Lawnfest, Lounge on the Hill Festival and many, many more. Kent is known for hosting some of the best festivals within the UK and this can only be achieved by having the best possible services within it. That is why Festival Bar Hire are pleased to offer our services for festivals throughout Kent. Festival Bar Hire have much experience within the festival market with over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry.Complimenting festivals throughout Kent for years, such as Dartford Festival, Festival Bar Hire have a large festival package that will benefit any event. Knowing what festival organisers want, Festival Bar Hire offer bar counters – both front and back; staff;

kegs of lager, cider and bitter; fridges, marquee, seating, generator for power, Pimms; soft drinks and more.Our bar counters can include basic black counters, basic Festival Bar Hire white counters, LED counters, cocktail counters, backlit counters and branded counters – so whatever your preference, you will not be disappointed! Our bar counters can be used for both indoor and outdoor festivals – so they can be used outside to bring drink to the festival goers whilst they are enjoying the entertainment; backstage for the artists to enjoy or in the VIP tent for those who are privileged enough to make it in there! Our bar staff are well worked in the festival market and therefore know how it all works, from set up to serving drinks to breaking down the bar!

For more information on our Festival Bar Hire in Kent, please contact a member of our sales team.