Festival Bar Hire Reading


Reading – like many places within the UK – can act as host to a few different festivals, which can come in all sorts of sizes and frequencies. Some of the festivals coming up in Reading which may require our services here at Festival Bar Hire includes the Reading Pride, Reading Blues Festival, and of course the Reading festival – known as one of the biggest festivals in the UK. These are just some of the festivals that we can help you with during the organisation process. We have a few different bars available for backstage, as well as an amazingly useful and versatile bar that would be the usual bar for the main festival. The bars that would mostly be provided for the festival are a plain black colour, practical and can fit together seamlessly. These properties ensure a professional and official aesthetic for the bars, which will surely be passed on to the festival.

 We can also provide you with a few different varieties bars for if you were looking for an additional backstage bar. In addition to the bars, Festival Bar Hire can help you by providing the necessary services to keep your bar stocked and running. One of these services includes the provisioning of the drinks for the bar. Whether you’re wishing to have soft drinks, cocktails, spirits, beers or whatever else – Festival Bar Hire can provide you with the beverages needed to make certain that the festival keeps going at full speed throughout its duration. Our drinks provision is a great way to ensure a professional service while reducing stress as much as possible on your end – what could be better?

Another service we can provide for the festival is the hire of Festival Bar Hire’s professional staff. They are a great way to make certain that your event has an official appearance and runs just as well. We have varying staff for varying circumstances. Whether you need cocktails or spirits, beers and wines – we have the staffing to help you along. Our cocktail staff are incredible at making your favourite cocktails – such as Mojitos – and are very professional in their service. Alternatively, Festival Bar Hire can hire out its bartenders, who are very good at serving your average bar drinks such as beers, wines, spirits, et cetera.

The extent of which you would like to use our services is completely up to you. If you just want the bar – great, we’re happy to help! If you want all or some of our services included in your hire, we’re just as happy to help you out!

Festival Bar Hire’s services are included all over Reading – Caversham, Whitley,Tilehurst and any other location within Reading. If you would like to find out more about Festival Bar Hire’s role within these and other locations, please contact us.