Thurrock is well known for its great views and well visited shopping centre Lakeside – however, thousands flock to the area each year when it puts on its annual music festival, T-Fest. Spread over a 2 day period in the summer, T-Fest brings the community together through music and dance to have an all-round great time!  Whilst T-Fest is the largest of the Thurrock festivals, many smaller scale events also occur including school fetes and local festivals. Supporting these Thurrock based festivals for over a decade are Festival Bar Hire. Festival Bar Hire offer Thurrock events a range of packages tailor made to suit their needs. We can offer dry bar hire where you would simply hire the bar counters, fridges, draught beer equipment and staff. This option is taken by many who look towards the freedom of supplying their own drinks such as kegs, bottled beers, wines and soft drinks.

Festival bar hire can provide your Thurrock festival with long, basic bar counters for the festival-goers as well as straight and curved LED bar counters to be placed backstage for performers. All of our bar counters can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.

Alternatively, we can provide our cash bar hire services to your Thurrock Festival. Whilst providing the bar counters, staff, draught beer equipment etc., we will provide all of the drinks and sell them to your festival goers at industry leading prices to ensure they have the best experience they can. Great quality plastic glassware will be provided by Festival Bar Hire to ensure there are no breakages which may cause harm but still carry a professional image to show both Festival Bar Hire and the organisers in a great light.

Festival Bar Hire’s bartenders will keep your festival-goers with a drink in hand – whether it be a pint of beer/cider, a glass of wine, spirit and a mixer or a soft drink. Having over a decade of experience working at large festivals such as V-Festival, out bar staff know how to serve quickly and efficiently for less queues and happy customers.

For more information on our festival services in Thurrock, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our bookings team.