Festival Bar Staff Hire


Festivals are fast becoming a major part of the British summertime with large music festivals such as Glastonbury attracting tens of thousands of attendees each year to listen to the outstanding line-ups. However, many smaller scale festivals such as beer festivals and culture festivals happen throughout the year in smaller scale arenas. Festival Bar Hire have been providing bar staff to festivals across the country for over ten years and have the knowhow to provide this service with no hiccups and the minimum of hassle.

When it comes to providing professional bar staff rental at your festival, Festival Bar Hire can provide you with a package which will ensure the best experience for your customers as they quickly and efficiently provide them with the beverage of choice.

Festival Bar Hire have staffed events with thousands of enthusiastic attendees and will be pleased to serve your festival-goers. The available bar staff from Festival Bar Hire include:

– Bartenders – great for pulling the perfect pint and serving the masses at your festival.

– Cocktail mixologists and flairers – perfect for your VIP or backstage bars where you wish to offer that extra touch of class.

Festival Bar Hire provide fully trained bartenders for both small and large events, and can also provide you with several varieties of festival bar counter at an industry leading price. Whether you are looking for a basic, smart bar in a great length to serve the masses at your festival with the option of draught beer facilities, fridges and back bars, Festival bar hire have the equipment hire for you!

When it comes to hiring both festival bar staff and mobile festival bars, give our dedicated customer service team a call to discuss what options would best suit your event and how Festival Bar Hire can be of assistance.

To enquire further about Festival Bar Staff, contact a member of our team.