Festival Craft Beer


Summer is long underway and festivals are still roaring! All over the UK, annually held events are taking place with thousands in attendance. To go along with the great music and warm weather, many organisers are looking to supply beers, wines and spirits to attendees. With many going for the classic choice brands that have been around for decades, the demand for craft beer has been on the strong rise.

Craft Beer has been always been on the gradual rise since being put on the map in the 1970’s. However, in recent years it has started to take shape and has flourished throughout the US & Europe. Many breweries stand strong within the UK itself such as Brewdog, Meantime, Thornbridge & Camden Town Brewing.

Here at Festival Bar Hire, we are proud to be suppliers of kegs from these well known Craft Beer Breweries. From the ever popular Meantime London Pale Ale to Brewdog Punk IPA, we have the craft beer keg to please. If you are looking for a more local and small brewery brand, we also supply kegs from Kent’s own Angel & Demon’s Brewery who have recently burst into the scene and are making waves with their ever growing in popularity beers such as Racing Tiger, Bombay Social & A.D.H.ME.

However, what is a keg if you can’t get to the tasty beer within? Have no worry, as we are also suppliers of Draught Beer Setups. With branded taps, your bar would look complete and have craft beer loving festival goers craving a sip of a tasty cold pint.

For more information or to book a craft beer bar, contact our a member of our team.