Latest Festival News


Some of the biggest festivals coming up soon in 2014 are the Reading and Leeds festivals, which are both extremely large festivals that feature headliners such as Queens of the Stone Age and Paramore on the Friday, the Arctic Monkeys on the Saturday and Blink-182 on the last day of the festival. Both festivals will share most of the headliner bands and each will have their own selection of smaller bands, meaning that we’’re in for a great and varied line-up for both of the upcoming festivals.The festivals – which take place every year and share the same dates and many of the same musicians – always take place in the last bank holiday weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of August and tend to feature many of the same headliner acts but various different smaller acts on each event. The festivals hold thousands of people and feature a variety of different stages, including the BBC Radio 1 stage, the lock up stage (also called the pit) and the festival republic stage, ensuring a large range of activities for the guests of the event to watch. The festivals have been going strong since 1961, and among the many changes that have happened over time are the price and focus of the event, the price has gone from an extremely low price of about 2.00GBP up to its current price of over 100GBP, and the music focus has adapted from its original preference of Jazz to its current stance of alternative and rock music, with the various stages each having their own target audiences.