London Festival Bar Hire


Our approach is to work closely with customers and to provide high quality services. We have worked with many clients and feel proud to regularly be a part of well established London festivals and carnivals. This is due to our talented team of professionals who always give an outstanding level of work because they boast years of experience. We always provide quality services and a flexible approach to make sure that our clients get what they wanted.

London is a great place to host a festival due to the spacious venues, outdoor spaces and gorgeous parks such as Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and Southbank.  We can provide you with a wide array of festival bar services so that you can enjoy your event rather than spending too much time trying to arrange the event. We take the stress out of organising everything as well 

as having experience and knowledge which is reflected in our work to transform your event into a once in a lifetime experience. No matter what the size of the event, we have a huge range of equipment, well designed bars and highly skilled, reliable staff.

We can work with you to design themed bars to serve your desired drinks. With a large draft beer dispensing equipment selection to choose from and a huge range of lagers, bitters, ciders and ales to choose from we are confident that we can offer you the perfect pint, whatever the weather!

If you are interested in our London Festival Bar Hire services, contact a member of our team today!