Pimms Bar Hire at Festivals


Pimm’s is a Gin based fruit cup that is enjoyed throughout the nation, made more popular and in demand during the summer season. Whilst sold in bottles, many event organisers look towards the 50 litre sized kegs of Pimm’s to serve thirsty festival goers who are aching to taste a glass of fruity goodness.

In 2018, it has been a record breaking amount sold by us here at Festival Bar Hire alone. With orders of more than a dozen per batch being supplied to many large scale events throughout the UK, sale of Pimm’s shows no signs of slowing down.

The Pimm’s 50 litre keg is already pre-mixed with lemonade, the only finish touches that needs to be made is the addition of fruits by your own choosing and a sprig of mint for garnish.

To make things even more exceptional, along with the kegs a full draught set up can be provided by our Festival Bar Hire Crew. However, what is a keg and draught set up without a bar counter? We have you covered with bar styles ranging from basic black, white, rustic and Backlit LED. Each available in meter sections to allow the adjusting of length to suits your needs!

Pimm’s has been been around for decades and is as British as a cup of tea and with the help of our team here at Festival Bar Hire, your event will go without a hitch.

For more information or to book a Draught Pimm’s bar for your event, contact a member of our team.