For the past decade, the number of Real Ale drinkers has been on the decline with mass-produced lagers from world breweries taking the lead in the market. However, in recent years the number drinking the traditional English brew has been on the increase thanks to groups such as CAMRA as well as the hundreds of real ale beer festivals which take place throughout the year. Working closely with these real ale festivals are Festival Bar Hire who have provided beer equipment for small, medium and large real ale events throughout the UK.

Festival Bar Hire can provide dispensing equipment for a range of beverages including:

– Real ale
– Craft beer
– Cider

When you are hosting a real ale festival, you want your customers to have the best possible experience they can and Festival Bar Hire don’t just understand this – we can help with our range of beer equipment services. No matter if you are looking for real ale stillage/racking, craft beer dispensing equipment or cider dispensers or racking, Festival Bar Hire have the equipment for you. The type of equipment you rent for your beer festival depends largely on the type of beverage you are serving as well as size and space available. The friendly staff at Festival Bar Hire have much experience in deciphering which equipment suits best.

Not only do Festival Bar Hire specialise in dispensing equipment, we also provide a range of bar counters to suit your purpose including:

– Basic bars (black, grey and white)
– Back bars
– Backlit bars
– Branded bars

With a Real Ale Festival Bar Hire from us, you can also include our bartenders. Great at pouring a range of different ales from a range of breweries, our staff will serve your customers with a smile and knowledge of the drinks.

For more information on what Festival Bar Hire can offer with our Real Ale Bar Hire, contact a member of our customer service team.