Tipi’s on the increase at Festivals


It’s that time of the year again, where all of the popular festivals are in full swing and masses are heading to watch their favourite musicians headline. A new trend has recently emerged where festival organisers are now choosing the style of a tipi tent to host their upcoming acts where many attendees groove the night away

Festivals are also using tipis as chill out zones, VIP areas, shops, bars and cafes. Tipis are popular for many reasons; one reason being the fact that they come in a range of different sizes and create a unique space and look for hundreds or even thousands of guests. A natural look, the style of the tipi exceptionally blends in with the outdoors environment and provides a much needed shade that gives festival-goers some time out of the hot British summer sun.

Here at Festival Bar Hire, we can improve the nature atmosphere of a tipi by supplying our Rustic Style Bar. The fresh wooden look will perfectly blend in with the natural look to add the finishing touch. Our Rustic Bar comes in meter sections which means that it can be adjusted in length to suit any size of tipi.

Here at Festival Bar Hire, we also provide many other festival bar styles and think that it’s an excellent way to create an intimate space for festival-goers who want to relax and enjoy a drink out of the sun.

If you have a tipi or marquee and would like a bar setup within, contact a member of our team.